A lot changes when you become a parent, but not everything must. We believe you don’t stop being a woman when you become a mum. ⁣

The Ben & Ellie Baby label blends classic luxury with functional design to create baby products for aesthetically minded parents.

Co-founded in 2018 by new mothers Jess and Julie, inspiration hit when they started reflecting on the shortfalls of the countless baby change mats and baby bags they tried.

After putting so much thought into the purchase of her baby bag, Jess was frustrated with the lack of style and thought put into the essential accessories that needed to go with it. Julie, transitioning from Australia to Hong Kong with her young baby, needed a solution to keep her baby bag organised and make nappy changes on the go easy without compromising her personal style. With newborn nappy changes happening 10-12 times a day (and trust us, babies don't wait for a suitable location) it wasn't a frustration that was going to go away. They soon found themselves dreaming up what the perfect product could look like. 

After a year of research and intensive product development and testing the duo launched what is now Australia's favourite Nappy Change Clutch. A baby product made to celebrate and honour the woman behind every mother.  

Everything is considered with no compromises - every nappy change essential is wrapped into a sleek, effortless clutch. Mamas on the go can be confident they are stylish and prepared no matter where they are in the world.  

Every diaper change essential at your fingertips, every time. Go anywhere, and leave the house with less stress with Ben & Ellie Baby.


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