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Can I pay with PayPal or Afterpay?

Yes, in addition to credit card payments we accept both PayPal ​and AfterPay services. You can select your preferred payment method at checkout. 

Can I edit or cancel my order?

We completely get it, sometimes you need to make a change. While we wish could, once an order is placed, we are unable to alter or cancel it at this time. We hope to have a cancellation window one day in the future.

I am a retailer. How can I stock your products?

If you are interested in retailing our product please email us at or fill out our contact form. Include your company name, website, social media links and a little about your business and we’ll be in touch!

Current stockists are listed on our Stockists page

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

We use all major carriers, and local courier partners. You’ll be asked to select a delivery method during checkout.

When can I expect my order?

Please note we ship from NSW, Australia and will dispatch orders within 2 business days.

Delivery estimates are approximately 7-15 days for Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong and up to 45 days for other international locations. 

Australia Post Express is available for all Australian orders. Updates on estimates can be found on the Australia Post website but generally parcels land within 2-5 working days across Australia.

What are your shipping rates?

What is the shipping policy?

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that our fulfillment team has received your order. Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification with your tracking information. Shipping fees are non-refundable in the case of returns.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship all over the world. Shipping costs will apply, and will be added at checkout.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

If you are not happy with one of our products for any reason, please reach out to us at within 30 days of receiving your order.

Diaper Change Clutches come with a 12 month quality guarantee and complaints outside of this timeframe that are reviewed as valid can access a 20% discount on their next purchase by contacting us. This does not apply to sample clutches that are sold as is.

For hygiene reasons, it is not possible to exchange our products.

We offer returns or refunds for faulty products as required by Australian Consumer Law.

For more information please see our Refund Policy.

Our Products

How many diapers can I fit in the Diaper Clutch?

Anywhere from 3-6 diapers depending on the size and thickness. You should be able to comfortably fit 4 diapers, a diaper rash cream, some disposable diaper bags, a spare onesie or washcloth and 20 wipes in your clutch.

The following video goes through the features for storage and points out how to fold or roll your bag depending on how full it is. How to use your B&E Diaper Change Clutch.

As your baby grows and requires larger sized diapers they will need to be changed less often.

Can I use cloth diapers / reusable diapers?

YES! In fact the Diaper Change Clutch is laid out to help you keep all your reusable items super organised. The inside lining is also backed with waterproofing to help you quickly clean up any leaks so that you can use your clutch repeatedly.

There is space for cloth diapers and liners in the top elasticised pockets, barrier creams and other necessities in our press stud pockets and wipes.

To maintain your dedication to a sustainable approach our wipes case is refillable meaning you can choose your own bulk purchased biodegradable wipes and refill as required.

How do I clean my Diaper Change Clutch?

Our Diaper Change Clutch is waterproof and can be wiped down as needed. To keep your product in the best condition, the mat should be cleaned regularly with a wet cloth and light detergent. You can use your regular laundry detergent on a cloth and pop it outside to dry thoroughly.

The exterior is very hard wearing and you can use the same cloth or wet wipes to clean the exterior regularly or as required when out and about.

Do not machine wash (the internal magnets might stick to the inside of your machine!) dry clean, iron or tumble dry.

I can't get my diaper clutch to close when it's full. Please help!

You will be able to fit at least 4-6 diapers, wet wipes, travel size accessories like hand sanitiser and diaper rash cream, and a spare onesie and still roll it tightly closed.

There is a knack to folding the diaper clutch when it is full - you’ll need to roll it up to push the excess air out to achieve a compact fold. Don’t let the softness of the leather deceive you, it’s very durable and can handle the pressure of being rolled up tightly.

Some tips to reduce bulk and get the most out of your diaper clutch:

  • pack only travel sized creams and accessories
  • use our custom wipes pouches instead of a standard 80 pack of wipes from the supermarket
  • use our sanitiser holder to clip your sanitiser onto the D-ring of your diaper clutch to keep it handy and reduce internal bulk

Please take a look at our “How to” video for more.

Also see this candid demo by our co-founder Jess where she shows exactly how she packs her Diaper Clutch and you can see how full it is!

What are the dimensions of the Wipes Cases?

The dimensions of the Wipes Cases are 13 x 21cm.

How many wipes fit in the refillable Wipes Case?

20 wet wipes will fit comfortably in the pouch. Sticking to this number will help to maintain the integrity of the watertight lock on our wipes pouch. If the zip lock comes off you can simply click it back on. 

What materials are used to make the Diaper Change Clutch?

We have taken the greatest care in selecting materials to create a product that is beautiful and functional for parents while being comfortable and safe for your baby.

Made from a high-tech Polyester Taslan (which is often used for water resistant sportswear), our Ben & Ellie Baby Diaper Change Clutch lining is strong and lightweight, with a soft, lustrous feel. We’ve made the lining waterproof by backing it with TPU, the same material that is used for waterproofing baby mattress protectors, offering superior protection against those inevitable accidents. This durable lining is soft on babies skin and can be wiped clean or spot washed with a gentle detergent if needed.

Inner materials
Inside, our felt lining and foam headrest provide the ultimate comfort for your baby. We only use PE foam (polyethylene) which is baby safe, ozone friendly and recyclable.

Outer fabric
Lightweight, durable vegan leather. Free from nasties such as BPA, PVC, and phthalates. 

How are magnets used in the Diaper Change Clutch?

Our Diaper Change Clutch contains small, strong magnets to hold your contents safely and allow the mat to quickly fold and unfold when needed without catching on clothing or other items like velcro can. The magnets in this product are sewn into place for maximum durability and safety and should NEVER be removed. Swallowed magnets can stick together across causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled. Please follow the link to our Terms of Service and Disclaimer for more information

How is the press stud on the wipes pouch pocket on my Diaper Clutch meant to work?

The custom pocket for holding your wipes in our first and second generation Diaper Clutches has a small press stud.

The press stud is a functional design feature that allows you to close the pocket to secure your wipes from slipping out when you are using wipes packets other than our Ben & Ellie Baby custom refillable wipes pouches. Other brand wipes packets come in variety of sizes and may otherwise slip out of the pocket.

Our wipes pouches are made to fit snuggly into this pocket and do not require the press stud to be closed.

What is the size of the Diaper Change Clutch when full?

The Ben & Ellie Baby Diaper Change Clutch is 16cm wide by 27 long and expands from a thickness of 5cm when general accessories are added such as nappies (x4), nappy cream products, wipes and bags are added.

What kind of imperfections can I expect from the samples and seconds?

The samples are fully functional and are still our beautiful buttery vegan leather and quality materials. They come with some minor flaws, such as:

  • stitching irregularities (crooked areas)
  • minor misalignment of magnets not imposing on functionality
  • impression marks from being compressed during transit.  

We wont sell anything we wouldn't use ourselves. Many brands destroy their imperfect goods leaving them to landfill. We believe our planet deserves better and we couldn't bear to throw these perfectly imperfect bags away. They make a great backup for the car, grandparents or area of the house which is away from your little ones bedroom.

Please note:

  1. These are NOT gift recommended for gifting and will be marked as samples.
  2. Refunds are not offered on samples and seconds.
  3. No further discounts will be applied to samples.

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