Honouring the woman behind every mother. 

When a baby is born, so is a mother. This transition into motherhood is called “matrescence”, and brings about seismic shifts in a woman's sense of identity from pregnancy to birth and beyond as she embarks on her motherhood journey.

Our philosophy recognises a woman's transition into motherhood and honours the new mother, who often feels a loss of sense of self and can sometimes get a little bit forgotten in the midst of the excitement about the new baby.

The Ben & Ellie Baby label delivers functional products that we know parents need combined with a sophisticated design that celebrates womanhood and elevates the aesthetic of everyday baby care essentials.

Our signature Nappy Change Clutch and refillable Wipes Cases make outings with a baby easier by taking the stress out of nappy changes on the go, while remaining stylish, because you don't stop being a woman when you become a mother!