Pop the champagne! Your favourite wet wipes pouches have been named finalists for Best Baby Accessory in the SHE-com Awards!

Your toddler bolts towards your in-laws cream couch with chocolate ice-cream covered hands.You reach for your wet wipes only to find the packet hasn’t sealed properly and they are all dry …

You’re wrestling a wriggly baby mid roadside nappy change. Bums are bare and nappies are full. Faced with a poonami of epic proportions, you fumble for the wipes packet and your heart sinks when you realise it’s almost empty…

You’ve finally managed to bring the whole family and kids to a cafe lunch when your five year accidently knocks over your coffee. You quickly pull out a wipe but out comes more than half the packet… 

Baby wipes - it’s the one product with a million uses and none of that comes more in focus than when you have a baby or little kids but the supermarket version is laced with flaws. The lids never close properly, the wipes dry out, the packet rarely dispenses properly, the large packs are bulky and cumbersome, the small travel packs are too small and not to mention environmentally wasteful, it’s hard to tell at a quick glance what’s left in the pack (is it full? does it need replacing?) and let’s be frank wouldn’t it be nice if they looked more like the adult accessory they are rather than something that blends in on the second aisle of toys’r’us? 

Our cleverly designed Freya Pink and Sienna Blue Refillable Wipes Cases are the solution to all the wipes woes. Not only gorgeous but also feature packed to protect and store baby wipes, taking this essential parenting accessory up a notch or two.

Ben & Ellie Refillable Wipes Pouch

This product solves all the problems, ensuring wet wipes are always on hand exactly when a parent needs them, how they need them. Making parenting easier and a little more stress free. 

What makes our baby wipes pouches the best?  

Keeping with our design philosophy we’ve taken this everyday parenting essential, evaluated the alternatives in the market and made it better. Better features. Better design. More style. More functionality. 

The B&E Refillable Wipes Cases elevate the look of a mundane baby item to essential accessory level. The subdued floaty floral and orient inspired blue motif patterns ooze sophistication and are right at home in any designer handbag. 

Looks aside, functionally the translucent design means you’ll know when to refill at a quick glance so no more empty packet surprises. 

Flexible, waterproof, light and made from baby safe materials (this should be a minimum but we know without regulatory standards in this space it's not always the case, so we set our own high standards).

Environmentally conscious and cost efficient, you can buy your baby wipes in bulk and refill as needed. Split a bulk 80 pack of wipes between 3-4 of our wipes pouches and stash them everywhere you’ll need wipes - the car, your baby bag, everyday bag, pram caddy or car.  ⁠

The ziplock top keeps wipes fresh for months and the flip top lid allows for easy dispensing. 

Slim and sleek, the dimensions fit large wipes perfectly, without any excess material, because who wants to carry more than they must? 

The detachable wrist strap snaps on or off to hang from your wrist or your stroller. And of course they also slip straight into our signature Nappy Change Clutch wipes holder pocket. ⁠

These gorgeous baby wipes cases can be filled with your choice of wet wipes so you can say goodbye to your wet wipes woes.  Another B&E product that is there to help parents get their on-the-go glow on.

September 21, 2022 — Julie Rout