Our Nappy Bag Backpack has made the finals for Best Baby Bag in the SHE-com Awards

What makes this nappy bag the best?

The chameleon of this year's baby bag category is our new baby bag. Again we’ve kept our vow to get parents out of the house with less fuss by making a bag for all seasons and reasons. 

Slipping in seamlessly for travel, park, work, walk, day, night or event, this bag won’t look out of place anywhere on either Mum or Dad's back. 

Ben & Ellie Baby Nappy Bag Backpack finalist in SHE-com Best Baby Bag award

Square but rounded, masculine but feminine, functional but sleek, textured but not loud, tough but soft, generous but not giant. We refined the style, pockets, finishes and straps to ensure that the bag is perfectly balanced with no bad angles.

A source of inspiration was our own matrescence - the transition into motherhood which brings about seismic shifts in a woman's sense of identity from pregnancy to birth and beyond. When a baby is born so is a mother but sometimes new mums get a bit forgotten in the excitement about the new baby.

Where a new mum used to match her handbag to her shoes, sometimes she’s just hoping to get out of the house with matching shoes.  Our bag wont let her down and will style up or down with ease.

Mums already have enough decisions to make, having this baby bag at the door means that no matter who has the kids, they will be ready and set to go with this bag in tow. 

Our goal is to deliver products that elevate the aesthetic of everyday baby care essentials. Sometimes looking the part is enough to feel like you just might have it together, and our bag is there to help you get your on-the-go glow on.

Discover this award winning baby bag for yourself!
September 19, 2022 — Julie Rout