Two weeks out and the Ben & Ellie Baby team has finally recovered from our huge weekend showcasing our stylish nappy change clutch and refillable baby wipes pouches at the Pregnancy Babies & Children's Expo in Sydney, Australia on 9-10 November!

We had a blast meeting thousands of new parents and parents-to-be at the show and demonstrating how our signature Nappy Change Clutch works. 



Loved by mums AND dads

We know it's the best baby change mat on the market, but we were blown away by just how much mums, dads and even grandparents loved the B&E Baby Nappy Change Clutch. 

Mums LOVED the soft hand feel of our premium materials.  In fact, “can you make me a handbag out of this” was one of our biggest requests! Mums were so impressed with the quality of the materials used and how well thought out every feature of the product is. When we shared the B&E Baby back story - that we designed these products for our own babies first, they could see why we didn't settle for anything less than the best. 

Second time mums especially saw the value in the cleverly design pockets – everything is in just the right place exactly when you need it, and the built-in wipes pocket allows for one handed access to the baby wipes, which we all know is a necessity. Most nappy wallets or travel change mats have only one or two pockets, which really isn’t enough, and leave you fumbling with a half dried out wet wipes packet while your baby wiggles and squirms those adorable little feet right into the poopy nappy – you can now wave goodbye to that problem!

Among the grandparents, "I wish I had this when by babies were little" was a common theme that came up every time. They could see how useful the Nappy Change Clutch would be to a new mum and were quick to buy it as a baby gift. 

The surprise customers for us by far were all the Dads. We had so many compliments on the convenience of the Nappy Change Clutch from Dads. They were huge supporters because they believe the product ‘thinks for them’ and that’s their Dad goal -  to make taking care of their babies simpler. This all in one nappy wallet and baby change mat solution takes the guesswork out of nappy changes for them because they open it up and everything they need is all there. They liked that it's feature packed, especially the magnetic closure.

Ben & Ellie Baby at the PBC Expo Sydney 2019


What people said

We are so thrilled to have been rated amongst the most favourite and helpful exhibitors at the show. Take a look at what people said about us when asked about their favourite exhibitors and baby products at the expo:

"Ben & Ellie Baby, the girls there were so helpful and their product sold itself. With a one year old and baby almost due, their product is so convenient and equally beautiful at the same time. Cannot wait to use the changing mat clutch!"

"Ben & Ellie Baby. She showed me a demonstration of her product and it was my favourite product there. I believe it is such a useful and stylish product considering I am a young mum."

"The Ben & Ellie Baby Nappy Change Clutch people - they were wonderful, caring, and also very lovely people to speak to!"


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November 27, 2019 — Julie Rout
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