Meet Ben & Ellie. This is all their fault. We (Jess & Julie) started this journey because of them. Once they were on the scene we realised that leaving the house without a baby change bag and mat was like leaving chocolate chips out of a cookie - not worth it! ⁠⠀

Today marks our first month birthday and we are all about celebrating every milestone. We are so thrilled that mothers across the globe have embraced our product and can't wait to continue this journey with our customers and the women, networks and businesses that have embraced us every step of the way.

So why a baby change mat to kick things off? Well, it turns out we had our babies in the same month and change mats proved a bug bear for both of us. It was only a matter of time before our vented frustrations became ideas for innovation and the B&E Baby luxury Nappy Change Clutch concept was born. 

Julie’s experience as a first time Mum heavily influenced many choices especially fabrics.

“Inspiration struck when I found myself travelling from Sydney to Hong Kong with a newborn baby. As a first time mum, I needed a solution to stay organised and make nappy changes on the go easy, without sacrificing my personal style. I’m most proud of the way we’ve been able to achieve both style and functionality in our Nappy Change Clutch. It’s been no easy feat, but I love that our materials are soft and luxurious while also durable and baby safe - no PVC, phthalates, BPA, lead or other nasties. I’ve been using and testing our products with my own babies, so comfort and safety has always been a number one priority for me”. 

Similarly Jess had some 'must have' features she felt were lacking in most of the baby change mats she had tried.

“Where is the head rest and why so much velcro? I would mutter these words to myself every time I laid down my precious baby boy's delicate newborn head for a change on a hard surface while I gently pulled yet another onesie away from the clutches of a velcro closure. A baby change mat is the kind of product you need multiple times every day as a new Mum. I struggled to understand why I couldn't find one that did all the thinking for me and didn't look hideous or complicated at the same time. I love that our Nappy Change Clutch has everything considered with no compromises. We've stuck to our vision of safe and soft materials that wipe clean, a one-handed fold, clever pockets, headrest and magnetic closure. My B&E Baby Nappy Change Clutch is always packed to go and looks the part no matter the bag, outfit or outing. It's confidence for me and comfort for Ben. I can't leave the house without it".⁠⠀

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August 12, 2019 — Lauren Priestley
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