Welcome to the Baby Bag Diaries. A series where we share real stories from real mums exploring the transformational journey into motherhood, shining a spotlight on their favourite products and the pieces of advice they wish they had before having a baby. 

Self proclaimed gym junkie and new mum Kimmy shares how exercise helped her mentally during pregnancy and postpartum. She shares her advice on how to not over-shop, the importance in trusting your body and not being afraid to ask for help.


Tell us about yourself? When did you become a mama, how many babies do you have? 

My name is Kimmy, I am 32 years old and I became a mumma less than two weeks ago to my little man Hartley. I am currently taking 6 months of mat leave and will be returning to work 3 days a week in the new year. I will be working from home for two of those days so I can continue to be there to care for Hartley as he continues to grow. 


Who were you before you became a mum? 

I have been a bit of a gym junkie for the past 12 years and I am super passionate about staying healthy and taking care of my body. Once becoming pregnant, going to the gym became more about taking care of my mental health than about hitting goals or keeping toned. It kept me sane everyday even if it was just an hour walk on the treadmill to keep my body moving and it was a lifesaver when it came to fluid retention! 


Baby shower, gender reveal or baby blessing? Did you have either one of these? Tell us about it!

I had a baby shower at a local venue with all the ladies of my family and girl friends, it was held on a Friday night and we even had a signature cocktail named after me, such a laugh! I was absolutely spoiled with gifts and it was a great excuse to dress up the bump! 


What baby products could you not live without? 

I couldn’t live without Willow By the Sea certified organic baby bottom balm, nipple balm and oil. I have been using these products since Hartley was born on myself and on him and they have been a beautiful natural product that works wonders! 


Sometimes as mums we come across the trifecta of baby products – items that are gorgeous, functional and make your life easier! What are some of your “best kept secret” baby products you’ve discovered?

Best kept secret would be the Ben & Ellie Baby nappy clutch - I honestly don’t even feel like I need a baby bag! I pack in a bottle and a blanket, and the clutch is in the bag ready to go with nappies, wipes etc, such a life saver and such a gorgeous design. 


What advice would you give to a first-time mum shopping for all the baby stuff? How do you wade through all the noise and know what you truly need? 

I made a list in my notes on my phone of every size that I had already purchased or received. I always found myself getting carried away shopping and then I would open my notes to see I already had x amount of that size and would purchase the suit but get it in a size we needed. I also tried not to buy any blankets for baby, I ended up purchasing only 3 in the end but everyone buys you beautiful soft blankets for baby so he has plenty! 


Hospital bag saviours – was there something that you didn’t pack but wish you had?

I wish I had packed more underwear for a c section, whilst I didn’t intend on having a c section I still packed a few soft pairs in case this happened. I also was in hospital longer than I would have liked so these ran out quickly! I also did not pack any bibs in my Hartley’s bag and we needed to top him with formula and a bottle after breastfeeding, so I wish I had those packed for those after feed burps! 


If you could go back to a pregnant you and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

My advice would be trust your body and trust your instincts. I worked out almost everyday, walking on the treadmill and continued to watch the scales climb. I am now not even 2 weeks pp and have lost 11kg. It's easy to get disheartened and feel like it’s not worth pushing yourself to keep moving your body but it really is. Labour was also a positive experience for me and pushing was a breeze because I kept my fitness up there the entire pregnancy! 


What kind of mum are you now – can you describe your parenting style in three words?

I’m all about building a secure attachment with my newborn, I am a big believer in co-sleeping where safe to do so and skin on skin time way beyond birth. You cannot spoil a newborn with love you can only teach them their needs are always adequately met and they are safe. 


What is the best lesson motherhood has taught you?

Motherhood has taught me how strong women are and how much we need to stick together and support one another through motherhood. It is not the easiest ride and everyone’s experience is different, my understanding of mums who struggle postpartum has changed immensely and my respect for those who raise their babies alone has increased tenfold. 


Any final advice or words of wisdom for pregnant or new mums reading this?

Be kind to yourself, be kind to each other. Reach out to other mumma’s for support and advice and don’t expect to much of your body too early, rest and recuperate to be the best mumma you can be for your babies. 

April 12, 2023 — Julie Rout