We are thrilled to share, in all her glory, our latest release the MONTANA. Dripping in delectable golden goodness, you won't be disappointed by her caramelised tan looks. 

We've been asked for a tan version of the nappy change clutch since the very beginning. We've had countless emails, messages and in person queries wanting to know if and when tan was coming! We could see the growing influence of tan and navy on the baby market and knew we needed to get the tan just right!

So we're so excited that she is ready and we know the exterior and interior lining colours are just right to fire off with your everyday baby accessories. We've paired her up with some fabulous wipes pouch choices (hello Fleur!) and of course she comes with the style and quality you have come to expect in our clutches.

So read on to familiarise yourself with all of her fabulous features because this clutch is more than just fabulous looks. 

  1. Clever pockets. The B&E Baby Nappy Change Clutch has 5 cleverly designed pockets to store everything you need for a nappy change while out and about. 

  2. Built in wipes pouch. Dedicated wipes pocket to allow for easy, one handed access to your baby wipes. 

  3. Baby safe materials. The B&E Baby Nappy Change Clutch is free from nasties such as BPA, Phthalates, PVC and lead. Sadly, not all baby products are made of baby safe materials, with many big brand travel change mats being made with plastics such as PVC. 

  4. Magnetic closure for one handed usability.  Our Nappy Change Clutch features strong magnets to securely hold the contents of the clutch closed while allowing for a one handed 'flick' opening which is critical when baby is in the other! No velcro here!

  5. Cushioned pad for your baby’s head. A newborn’s head is especially delicate, particularly if they’ve come into the world with a vacuum or forceps delivery, so a padded section for your baby’s head is essential.

  6. Padded centre for your baby’s comfort. Many public baby change facilities are made of hard plastic surfaces and are not comfortable to lie on.

  7. Water proof lining so you can easily wipe it clean and disinfect with a wipe.

  8. Compact size. At only 16 x 27 cm when folded, you can throw it into your existing baby bag or handbag easily. Organise and streamline your baby bag without adding unnecessary bulk. 

  9. Durable materials and stitching. You’ll change up to 3,000 nappies in your baby’s first year alone, and many of those will be while out and about. So choose a product that is made of premium materials and will last, otherwise, you’ll find yourself having to fork out for a replacement before you know it.  

  10. Style. We're confident enough to say our Nappy Change Clutch is the most stylish travel change mat and nappy wallet on the market. With buttery soft, vegan leather, luxe French piping and polished gold hard wear, this baby product gives designer bags a run for their money and adds a serious dose of sophisticated, understated style to your baby gear collection. And Vogue thinks so too. 

  11. Award Winning and loved by mums all around the world. Don't take our word for it. The Australian Roar Award judges think we are worthy of the Best Baby Product and Best Product Innovation silver title and the Hong Kong Living Parent & Baby Award Judges names our Nappy Change Clutch the Best Baby Accessory of 2021. 

So - ban the beige and burst into any change-room with this showstopper. With all the features you know and love, she's ready to come home with you to help get you out of the house!

February 25, 2021 — Jessica DeAngelis
Tags: News Products