A message from our Founders. 

When we started Ben & Ellie Baby from our dining room table several years ago we had no way of knowing what it would become today. We had both just had our first babies and found ourselves feeling frustrated to know exactly what we wanted in a baby product but not be able to find it.

We were tired of lugging around huge, unsightly nappy bags and found nappy changes on-the-go to be stressful. Searching for a changing room not always being able to find one, having to change our babies quickly in places like the boot of the car or on a park bench. Digging around our big bags for the a clean nappy, the entire bag of wipes, the creams, the change mat, all while holding a wriggly crying baby. It was inconvenient at best, anxiety inducing at worst and we knew there had to be a better way.   

After having tried countless baby change mats and baby bags that just didn’t work, we decided to create our own. We wanted to make our own lives easier and help other mums escape the house feeling confident and at ease. 

Fast forward to 2021 and it's been a huge year for us, as no doubt it has been for many of you, welcoming babies and grandbabies, nieces and nephews into your lives. 

As we reflect on the year that's gone we can barely believe between making more babies of our own (we now have 5 between us!), building houses and living within a pandemic just how much we've done. All thanks to you - our customers, our supporters, our stockists and our friends. You are our inspiration and your kind messages of support, reviews and purchases are what's kept us going. 

This year:⁠⁠

⭐️ We launched 8 new products (plus colour variations & limited editions!)⁠

⭐️ Won our first international award  ⁠

⭐️ Our Nappy Clutch was featured in VOGUE

⭐️ We added a new member to the team (welcome Sarah!)

⭐️ We outgrew Jess's home office and garage and got our first warehouse!

We want to ⁠⁠THANK YOU for everything. For making this all possible!⁠ We are so grateful for all your support - our customers, our partners and everyone we've collaborated with this year.

We still read every customer email, every social media comment and pack all your orders and it all means so much to us. Every order, every review, every like, comment and message you leave us just makes our day!⁠⁠

As we welcome 2022, we hope this new year is beautiful for you and all that you want it to be.  And we hope you'll let us continue to serve you. We've got some great new products lined up already that we can't wait to share with you!

With love, Julie & Jess xx

January 01, 2022 — Julie Rout
Tags: News