Recently, our Co-Founder, Julie Rout sat down with Lindsay from Calm Birth Hong Kong and Ziggy from Ziggy Fit Mama to share her story on the #1 ranked parenting podcast in Hong Kong: Mom, Body, Soul.  
Fiercely private, Julie offers us a rare glimpse into her world with a raw, authentic account of her birth stories, an insight into life running a business with young kids and speaks passionately about the need to better support mothers through matrescence, the transition from womanhood into motherhood.   
Ben & Ellie Baby co-founder on Mom Body Soul podcast
"Anyone who knows me knows how private I usually am! But lately I’ve been listening to this incredible motherhood podcast @mombodysoulpodcast and have been inspired and comforted by the authentic stories of each guest."
"So I’ve taken the opportunity to do the same. I've gone far beyond my comfort levels in this interview, baring all and sharing some very personal, vulnerable experiences in the hope that it might help other mums going through something similar. I hope the mamas listening find it helpful. " - Julie Rout, Co-Founder at Ben & Ellie Baby.
If you’ve ever felt blindsided by an emergency c section, had your birth plan fail on you, or felt unearthed by the transition into motherhood, this one’s for you ❤️
There is also a surprise at the end for all listeners so head on over to @mombodysoulpodcast and have a listen!
Available on Apple podcasts and Spotify.
October 28, 2020 — Jessica DeAngelis
Tags: News