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Our stylish vegan leather hand sanitiser holder. Complete with eco-friendly refillable bottle and gold clasp, perfect for clipping on to your handbag, baby bag or nappy change clutch. 


Why a sanitiser holder?

At Ben & Ellie Baby we're honouring the woman behind every mother, and acknowledging the mess behind every memory.

Our Nappy Change Clutch is for changes on the go, our wipes pouch for any messy toddler moment and now our hand sanitiser holders have arrived to save and sanitise the day!

While COVID has heightened our awareness of hand hygiene we know how quick the move from nappy change to snack dispensing can occur. Don't get caught up, have your B&E hand sanitiser clipped on your bag and close by.

Where can I get it?

Now available for $15 each in 8 colours on our online store


April 22, 2021 — Lauren Priestley
Tags: Products