Why thousands of mums are choosing the B&E Nappy Change Clutch


A travel baby changing mat is essential for nappy changes on the go, and most come with a pocket or two for holding all your nappy change essentials. So what makes our product stand out from the rest?

Spacious yet Compact / Ergonomic Design

Clever pockets
The B&E Baby Nappy Change Clutch has 5 cleverly designed pockets to store everything you need for a nappy change while out and about. Most nappy wallets and change mats have only one or two pockets, which really isn’t enough.

Built in wipes pouch
The only travel change mat with a dedicated wipes pocket to allow for easy, one handed access to your baby wipes. Some baby change mats come with clam shell style hard cases for storing your wipes which is impractical for a variety of reasons: bulkiness, needing two hands to open the case and inability to actually dispense the wipes to name a few.


Magnetic closure for one handed usability
Our Nappy Clutch features 10 ultra strength magnets to securely hold the contents of the clutch closed while allowing for a one handed 'flick' opening. Why does one handed accessibility matter? Well, most of the time you’ll be holding the baby in one hand and trying to unfold the mat and set up everything you need to change your baby with the other hand.

Velcro, zippers and clasps all require two hands and make laying out your change mat as well as packing everything up practically impossible while holding your baby.

It is so easy to use one handed, making nappy changes a breeze. I could not recommend this product more highly, it is a life changer!

- Gabbi F

Safety & Hygiene

Water proof lining so you can easily wipe it clean and disinfect with a wipe.

And baby safe materials we used with our own babies. Sadly, not all baby products are made of baby safe materials, with many big brand travel change mats being made with plastics such as PVC.

With our Nappy Clutch, you'll always have a hygienic, safe surface to change your baby on.


Cushioned pad for your baby’s delicate head

A newborn’s head is especially delicate, particularly if they’ve come into the world with a vacuum or forceps delivery, so a padded section for your baby’s head is essential.

Padded centre for your baby’s comfort

Many public baby change facilities are made of hard plastic surfaces and are not comfortable for your baby to lie on.

Unrivalled Style

We’re confident enough to say our Nappy Change Clutch is the most stylish travel change mat and nappy wallet on the market. With buttery soft, vegan leather, luxe French piping and polished gold hard wear, this baby product gives designer bags a run for their money and adds a serious dose of sophisticated, understated style to your baby gear collection.

And Vogue thinks so too.

Premium Materials

Durable materials and stitching

You’ll change up to 3,000 nappies in your baby’s first year alone, and many of those will be while out and about. Imagine play dates at the park, café catch ups with your mum friends and countless other outing with your baby. So choose a product that is made of premium materials and will last, otherwise, you’ll find yourself having to fork out for a replacement before you know it.

Proudly Australia’s Most Awarded Nappy Clutch


We might have already read your mind. See below for common questions about our products.

What are the dimensions of the Nappy Clutch?

The Ben & Ellie Baby Nappy Change Clutch is 16cm wide by 27 long when folded and expands from a thickness of 5cm when general accessories are added such as nappies (x4), nappy cream products, wipes and bags are added. 

The size of the baby changing mat once unfolded is 74cm height x 68cm width, designed to fit perfectly on a public changing room station.

Do I need to get the Wipes Pouch?

We recommend pairing your clutch with our custom refillable wipes cases for the best results. Our slimline wipes cases are designed to fit perfectly within your nappy clutch, keep your wet wipes wet for longer and dispense one wipe at a time, for an easier, effortless change every time.

How to clean the nappy Clutch

Our Nappy Change Clutch is waterproof and can be wiped down as needed. To keep your product in the best condition, the mat should be cleaned regularly with a wet cloth and light detergent. You can use your regular laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid on a cloth and pop it outside to dry thoroughly.

The exterior is very hard wearing and you can use the same cloth or wet wipes to clean the exterior regularly or as required when out and about.

Do not machine wash (the internal magnets might stick to the inside of your machine!) dry clean, iron or tumble dry.

Ensure your nappy clutch is completely dry before folding it back up.

Is it suitable for cloth / reusable nappies?

YES! In fact the Nappy Change Clutch is laid out to help you keep all your reusable items super organised. The inside lining is also backed with waterproofing to help you quickly clean up any leaks so that you can use your clutch repeatedly.

There is space for cloth nappies and liners in the top elasticised pockets, barrier creams and other necessities in our press stud pockets and wipes.

To maintain your dedication to a sustainable approach our wipes case is refillable meaning you can choose your own bulk purchased biodegradable wipes and refill as required.

I want to buy a gift, do you offer gift wrapping?

We sure do! Add a Gift Wrapping to your order for an unboxing experience guaranteed to impress.

Our gift wrapping service includes a premium 'congratulations' card, gift box and grosgrain ribbon all for under $10!⁠ 

Inside the box our signature Nappy Clutch and sets are packed within a luxury reusable dust bag.

Please leave us a note during check out to confirm your message on the card.

Forgot to include your gift message? No problem, simply contact us here

We can also deliver direct to recipient without any invoices or paperwork in the box.