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When can I expect my order?

Delivery estimates are approximately 7-10 days for Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong and up to 15 days for other international locations. 

COVID Impacts

As airlines are making substantial adjustments to their flight frequencies on a daily basis, international air mail to various destinations may be subject to delay or cancellation. If we are unable to ship your international order, we will contact you to arrange an alternate shipping address, an alternate shipping method (eg surface mail) or provide you a full refund at your choice.

What are your shipping rates?

Do you accept PayPal or Afterpay?

Do you accept returns?

What materials are used to make the Nappy Change Clutch?

How are magnets used in the Nappy Change Clutch?

How do I clean the Nappy Change Clutch?

How many wipes fit in the refillable Wipes Case?

I am a retailer looking to get in touch.

How many nappies can I get in the Nappy Clutch?

Can I use cloth / reusable nappies?

What kind of imperfections can I expect from the samples and seconds?