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Chloe - Bag Dispenser with Eco Refills


Chloe - Bag Dispenser with Eco Refills


Includes 1 X Vegan Leather Bag Dispenser and 3 x Eco Disposable Waste Bag rolls 

As a parent, you've got enough on your hands. Don't be caught out with nowhere to stash a soiled nappy, used wipes, empty food packets or crumpled tissues when there is no bin around.

An essential piece in your "always be prepared" kit, the Chloe Bag Dispenser with Eco Refills allows you to keep your disposable waste bags handy, yet stylishly disguised in premium black vegan leather with gold hardware.

Attach it to your baby bag, nappy clutch or pram caddy when out for a stroll and you're ready to go.

Did we mention is comes loaded with a roll of 15 eco-friendly bags plus two spare refills? That's right, three rolls in total and they're completely biodegradable, leak proof and unscented.

Pairs well with the Original Nappy Change Clutch.

Bag Holder:

  • Premium vegan leather 
  • Gold hardware zip for easy refilling and gold clasp to hang off your Nappy Clutch or any bag
  • Gold ring opening on underside to dispense bags
  • Fits 1 standard roll of disposable bags
  • Dimensions: 5cm width x 9cm length x 5cm height

Disposable Bags:

  • Eco friendly bags made from PLA and cornstarch (plastic free)
  • 100% biodegradable and compostable 
  • Recycled paper core
  • 3 rolls included (with 15 bags per roll)